Will the Atlanta Real Estate Market Crash?

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Will the Atlanta Real Estate Market Crash?

Atlanta's housing market has continued its surge this spring and summer, as low inventory trumped rising interest rates as the biggest influencer on prices.

However, there is a shift in the air as we wrap up the first half of the year.

"The best way to describe what's happening in Atlanta real estate today is a change in pace... things are slowing down." - Cathy LaMon

Watch the video below for a quick update from Cathy LaMon on what the current slowdown means for both buyers and sellers and why experts are not predicting a market crash this year! 

For a glance at how the U.S. housing market is performing, download this guide, which provides high-level stats on the state of the market. 

Want more local market data? Give our team a call! We're here to help make sense of these changes and advise you on whether now is the right time to buy, sell or invest.

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