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How to Downsize After Retirement


How to Downsize After Retirement

Congratulations on retiring! You’ve made some big moves to get to where you are today, and this is a big step in life worth celebrating. But the big question that follows retirement tends to be “what now”? Do you have plans to buy an RV and road trip across the country? Maybe you want to downsize to a condo to live closer to the grandkids. Whatever your next step in life is, the LaMon Team is here to help.

Here are 3 tips to help with your move after retirement.

Allow Time

You’ve spent your entire life collecting treasures and mementos of your greatest accomplishments and adventures. It can be challenging leaving these cherished items behind. However, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to take everything with you once you downsize. So, allow time for yourself to sort through these treasures. Create piles to decide what you plan to keep, what’s going to friends and family members, what gets donated, and what gets tossed. This is often an emotional and time-consuming process, so make sure to allow yourself some time and grace to move through this step without difficulty.


Understand What You Have Room for In Your New Place

While there are some exceptions, the vast majority of retirees plan to downsize. Whether it’s moving to a rambler to avoid stairs, a condo with no yard work, or a quaint retirement community—most people will be moving to a smaller space. It can be difficult gauging just how much you can fit into your new space, so consider hiring a professional move manager or an interior designer to help assess the space and determine what will fit into your new home.


Consider an Estate Sale

An estate sale is a perfect way to declutter and earn some cash in return. It also offers some peace of mind knowing that your treasures will be going to a home where they will be appreciated. So, consider hiring a professional estate sale manager. This person (or organization) will be responsible for pricing, advertising, and staffing to ensure your sale runs smoothly. A professional estate handler will help assess the value of your items and donate whatever isn’t sold. Some professionals even run a sale online to further the reach of your audience.


While there is a myriad of emotions when it comes to retiring, the LaMon Team is excited to hear all about your new adventure. There’s a whole lot of life to live after retirement, and we want to help you find the perfect home to reflect your new lifestyle needs. For more tips and information about downsizing, reach out to the LaMon Team!

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