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10 Things Sellers Should Do to Protect Their Atlanta Home


10 Things Sellers Should Do to Protect Their Atlanta Home

When it comes to selling your home, showings and open houses are a necessity. It’s important to allow buyers the chance to see the property before they put in an offer. However, you never know who will be walking through your front door, so it’s best to err on the side of caution. That’s why The LaMon Team recommends keeping a few safety tips in mind to best protect you and your loved ones.

Here are ten ways to safeguard your property when selling your Atlanta home:

Security Camera Signs

If you have a security camera—or even an infamous RING doorbell— it's essential to display a sign notifying visitors of surveillance. This is a legal requirement in many areas and also provides transparency to potential buyers. Now, anyone attending a showing or open house of your property will be at ease and attentive when touring the home.


Hide Bills, Checks, & Monetary Information

To prevent the temptation of prying eyes, be sure to lock away all bills and financial documents. If you have a filing cabinet, correctly store all documents—and don’t forget to lock it. Criminals often know where to look for important information, so adding an extra layer of security is never a bad idea.


Personal Photos

Safeguard your family's privacy by removing photos, holiday cards, and personal memories. This will help protect against scammers who use sensitive information to trick you into potential cons.


Secure Medications

Some more personal items we recommend stowing away are medications and prescriptions. America is facing an opioid crisis with six times more opioid-related deaths and overdoses in recent years compared to 1999 (CDC). You never know who is touring your home, so it’s better to play it safe when it comes to prescription misuse.


Relax About Cleanliness

While staying tidy is great when selling your home, it's equally important not to go overboard. Being overly concerned about cleanliness—such as requiring plastic booties on new carpets—can create liability issues. There’s always a risk of buyers tripping on plastic carpet covers or flimsy booties, and this can lead to a messy lawsuit. So, adopt a practical mindset and remember that minor messes can be easily cleaned.


Pet-Free Listing Photos

We know you love your pets, but your furry friends might be the tipping point for potential buyers. To increase your home's appeal, it's essential to remove evidence of pets, like dog kennels and cat towers, before taking listing photos. This will help prevent potential buyers from forming biased opinions about cleanliness or odors.  


Avoid Valuables on Display

To safeguard against potential theft during showings, it's wise to keep valuables like jewelry and expensive watches out of sight. Consider placing them in a security box, leaving them with a trusted neighbor, or storing them safely with a family member.


Avoid Signs of Distress or Desperation

Buyers shouldn’t know the reason why you’re selling your home, but they can often point out tell-tale signs of certain situations. For example, if sellers are working through a divorce and need to sell the house, it’s not difficult to put the pieces together when the closet is half-full and half the furniture is gone. So, do your best to minimize any major home changes during the selling process. There’s no need to let buyers make assumptions and attempt to negotiate a lower price.


Hide (or Disguise) Safes

Before taking your listing photos, consider covering—or even disguising—your personal safes. Photos of your home will be advertised across the internet, so it’s always best to avoid drawing attention to these items. You can get creative by placing a cardboard box over those obvious safes to help maintain a low profile and protect your valuable possessions.


Absent During Open Houses

Finally, what is the #1 thing that shouldn’t be in your home during an open house or a showing? YOU! (We know that might sound a little harsh, but it’s true.) It’s important to give potential buyers the space they need during open houses and showings. Buyers are more likely to provide honest feedback when the seller is not around, and this allows your real estate agent to gather valuable insights and negotiate effectively on your behalf.


Please keep in mind that many of these scenarios don’t happen every day. Rarely do people maliciously target sellers, but it can happen from time to time. When it comes to protecting the ones you love, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

For more listing guidance and info on the Atlanta market, make sure to reach out to the LaMon Team! We’re always here to keep it real when it comes to real estate.

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